is to lead in our industry with the most cost-effective products and valuable clinical solutions
for care providers and those they serve, while improving quality and effectiveness in every area of our operation.
To act with integrity and compassion to support patients, customers, our communities and each other.

We strive for high performance to benefit our clients and we will adapt to change and act with speed, agility and
accountability to further improve patient care. We offer our customers excellent service, from educating physicians
about how to implant devices to supporting them in person during complicated implantation’s. And we will offer our
customers unmatched educational, logistical and technical support.

VISION, RalfMed International B.V. is dedicated to transforming lives through innovative medical
solutions that improve the health of patients around the world. We are committed to provide a high level of service
and to introduce medical solutions through our products. And at the same time provide the world with the best solutions at affordable prices.