The Managing Director and owner, Mr. Angus Schoonewolff, has been with the organization since incorporation.

He has worked diligently to build up the business and the necessary contacts to make this business successful. From the acquisition of new clients to researching and investigating new products he is fully involved in the entire process. To date he continues to work on new business relationships to continue growing the business in the region.

RalfMed International BV has been operating since 2008 distributing many innovative products for modern medical treatment. We distribute and represent high quality cardio- and endovascular, urology and endourology medical devices, laboratory reagents and less-invasive medical devices of top manufacturers. Our products are used to diagnose or treat a wide range of medical conditions. We continue to innovate in these areas and are extending our innovations into new high-growth Caribbean markets.

RalfMed International B.V. is headquartered in CuraƧao, Dutch Caribbean.