was founded in September 1987 and today has its headquarters in Luebeck, Germany. EUROIMMUN produces reagents for medical laboratory diagnostics. In the foreground are test systems for the determination of various antibodies in patient serum in the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases and allergies. The company is based on worldwide-patented state-of-the-art production methods.

The company is based on worldwide-patented state-of-the-art production methods and microanalysis techniques and is one of the world’s leading manu­facturers of medical laboratory diagnostics. The BIOCHIPs are one of EUROIMMUN’s many inventions: paper-thin sheets of glass are coated with cells or tissue sections and then cut automatically into millimetre-sized fragments which are subsequently glued onto slides using a fully automated device.

With BIOCHIP Mosaics made from 30 or more different organ sections, cell substrates or defined antigens (EUROPLUS) only mini­mum incubation efforts are necessary to obtain a detailed antibody profile. In EUROIMMUN enzyme immunoassays (ELISAs) defined antigens, purified using state-of-the-art biotechnological processes.

ELISA and indirect immunofluorescence tests (IIFT) have been developed for sensitive and specific detection of antibodies against Zika Virus MOSQin patient serum samples. The assays are suitable for diagnosing acute infections as well as for disease surveillance. In particular, serological analysis can aid the differentiation of infections with Zika Virus , dengue virus and chikungunya virus, which manifest with similar symptoms and are endemic in much the same geographic regions. Serological tests provide a much longer window for diagnosis than direct detection methods. Detection of the virus by RT-PCR is only effective during the viraemic phase within the first week after onset of symptoms, and may already be negative by the time a patient consults their doctor. Anti-Zika Virus antibodies appear around day 4 to 7 after symptom onset. IgM antibodies reach their peak after two to three weeks and remain detectable for several months, while IgG are assumed to persist life-long.

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