Founded in 1963, as physicist Max Schaldach and electrical engineer Otto Franke developed the first German implantable pacemaker. In the early years, BIOTRONIK‘s primary focus was on solving basic problems. These included short battery service time, the uncertainty of the remaining battery power, and developing a reliable method for connecting the lead to both the pacemaker and the heart.

Research and Development (R&D) produced a series of innovations that are considered milestones in pacemaker technology today.The appointment of Dr. Schaldach as professor for biomedical engineering at Erlangen’s Friedrich-Alexander University boosted the company’s R&D work. In 1976, the company opened headquarters in Berlin-Neukölln, Sieversufer 8, and eventually moved next door to Woermannkehre 1 (in 1987).

Upon acquiring Stimulation Technology, Inc., BIOTRONIK set up production facilities in Lake Oswego, Oregon, in the United States. At this time, the company also began developing and producing advanced hybrid circuitry and modules for the biomedical industry. This was the harbinger to breakthrough technology in the pacemaker industry.

These are pioneering BIOTRONIK achievements that stand out in medical technology history. BIOTRONIK also met the demands of clients and patrons who required pacemakers and diagnostic devices for the development of physiological stimulation marked the beginning of a new phase in pacemaker therapy. Dual-chamber pacing technology responded more in the way of a patient’s actual needs. These “DDD” pacemakers gave priority to spontaneous heart contractions, as they triggered a stimulus only when necessary. However, this new generation of products were prone to accidental interactions between atrium and ventricle. Having prior experience with dual-chamber pacemakers during the 1960s, BIOTRONIK was prepared and quickly focused on addressing the challenges of DDD technology, subsequently becoming a European market leader with the Diplos 03 pacemaker. Thanks to other technological and commercial successes in the 1980s, BIOTRONIK was able to expand into Europe, South America and Asia.

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